B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Born in Auckland, New Zealand on October 28 1981, Dwayne began his life in art at an early age. By age 10 he was a devoted sketcher, painter and sculptor. As a junior student at Dilworth Boarding School he was excelled to the senior level in his arts and completed his high school education two years early with university entrance in painting, printmaking and graphic design. In 1997 he was lined up to attend Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealands premier art school, when he landed his first television acting role playing Selma Blair’s boyfriend, Leon, in the television movie Amazon High, which then began his acting career. A few months later he landed a lead role in William Shatner’s A Twist In The Tale, and enjoyed his time working along side the veteran Hollywood star. That same year in the spring of 1998, Dwayne landed his break through role playing the lead character Bray, in the cult television series The Tribe. Dwayne wrapped on The Tribe two and a half years later in December of 2000. During his time on the show he completed 156 episodes over 3 series, did publicity tours through the UK and Europe, and was involved in the recording of the Tribe album in the London. Dwayne also represented The Tribe in Los Angeles when it was nominated for best international television drama at the 2000 GAIT awards. In 2001 Dwayne landed roles on two of New Zealand’s top rating and award winning dramas: Street Legal and Mercy Peak. His reoccurring guest role on Mercy Peak, was the emotionally tortured Gus Van Der Velter and his lead role on Street Legal was the fierce young lawyer James Peabody. He filmed both shows back to back over the following 2 year period between 2001 to 2003. In between shoots he completed a number of guest roles for local and international television, including: The Dark Knight, Love Bites and The Possum Hunter, and played the title role in a New Zealand play called Acting Jesus. That same year on his 21st birthday he landed the lead role of Paul in his first international feature film called The Locals. In the summer of 2004 Dwayne moved to Hollywood, California. While in LA he was signed with the ICM acting agency and trained at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. Soon after he met legendary acting teacher Ivanna Chubbuck and enrolled her advanced acting classes. That year he landed roles in a number independent film projects, one being No Destination, where Dwayne had the opportunity to work with another Hollywood veteran- John Savage, who starred in The Deer Hunter. He also played the love interest of Amber Heard in the Warner Brothers music video I wasn't Prepared. Dwayne would return home to New Zealand briefly to play guest roles in both the Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Power Rangers S.P.D television series. In 2007 Dwayne landed a lead role in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and moved back to New Zealand to begin filming. In 2008 he landed a guest role on New Zealand's most successful TV series Shortland Street and in 2009 a lead role on the drama series The Cult. In 2010 saw him play the role of Kur in Disneys TV series Legend of the Seeker, then in 2011 he played the lead role of Detective Joshua King in the feature film 'Desired' and starred in a number of theatre productions that year. From 2012 Dwayne has worked mostly in Australia starring as the leading role of Frostie in the gangster comedy feature film Nice Package which was filmed in Brisbane, and played body builder Ryan Coltrane in the Network 10 TV series Mr and Mrs Murder, filmed in Melbourne. In 2014 he landed a lead role playing Robyn Malcolm's bohemian boyfriend Rory O'Conner in the hit NZ TV comedy drama series Agent Anna. Dwayne has continued to paint throughout his acting career and his travels, producing over 500 paintings while traveling through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Belize, Italy, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Thailand, Australia, Fiji and the USA and has had art studios in Los Angeles, Auckland and Sydney. Dwayne has starred in a number successful art house short films and has himself written over a dozen short films and three features film screenplays. He has directed, produced, financed, edited and starred in three of his own short film scripts; 'Charlie Has a Face', 'Pleroma' and 'Holding The Sun', which were all produced by his production company Dancing Mind Films. His most recent short film HOLDING THE SUN was accepted into the 2013 Cannes Short Film Corner and was nominated for Best Short Film and Best Production design at the 2013 New Zealand Film Awards.